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Adult Fitness

Get Fit For Life

We strive to help you attain your fitness goals

Here at Adult fitness we want you to live the best life ever.

They say misery loves company... so does sweating.

Group Training.

You'll get fit in the company of people who are after the same goals you are.

We apply a mixture of total body training that will allow you to lose weight and get in shape.

No judgment, no egos, just fitness.

The group classes have 3 different packages

Package One

$30.00 per session

8 classes

$240.00 for one month

Package Two

$20.00 per session

16 classes

$320.00 for two months

Package Three

$10.00 per session

24 classes

$240.00 for three months

One-on-one training

You will be given programs designed specifically for your needs.

We monitor progress on a regular basis to determine weight loss goals.

You'll gain a better understanding of your body and what it can do.

Package One

2 sessions a week

$60.00 per session

$480.00 for 1 month

Package Two

2 sessions a week

$50.00.00 per session

$1200.00 for 3 months

Package Three

2 sessions a week

$40.00 per session

$1920.00 for 6 months

Package Four

2 sessions a week

$30.00 per session

$2880.00 for 12months 

Weekend Warrior

These classes are designed for those individuals who have more time on the weekends.

There is a mixture of total body and circuit training in every session.

This class allows you to get fit and have fun.

Weekend warrior

Package 1

4 Classes

$25 per session.

Package 2

8 Classes

$20.00 per session.

Package 3

12 Classes

$ 15.00 per session