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Adult Fitness

Get Fit For Life

My Product

We offer online fitness training with a wide variety of programs to fit your busy schedule.

All programs are set up in a progression style of training so you will see progress as you follow the program and move through out the weeks.

The first of our offerings is

Online programming.

Our online programming is set up for you for in 1,2, or 3 months increments were we ask you a set of questions. From those questions we then design a program for you to follow based on your scheduling and time allowances.

A 1 Month of programming

     $35.00 for one month

B 2 Months of programming

    $60.00 for two months

C 3 Months of programming


Online training

This is a bit more personal and in-depth.

We still have you fill out all the questions and forms.

However here we track and send back and forth videos of your workouts along with followups after all your sessions.

Plus if you sign up for 3 months you get $50.00 off.

A 1 Month of online training


B 2 Months of online training


C 3 Months of online training


My Product